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"when I heard Dave's lovely radio thingys, my PMS just flew away"

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What's this ear?THE OVERVIEW DEMO
Starring great big jocks, great big prods and great big knobs....
It's big!.....it's old!
(we'll create a new one one day....) but it's worth it!
and hey, while you're listening to it, you could explore the rest of our site...
More ear tickling demos this way.....

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Please note:
All demos on these pages are MP3 standard.
We would like to point out that ALL of our productions are produced digitally and provided on CD or download for optimum quality.

We're quality nuts!

Make your competition poo their pants...

"my RAJAR has never looked so healthy!" COLIN McCARDLE - West FM

"I think he's innovative.......brilliant..." STEVE WRIGHT, BBC Radio Two

"if you haven't used Dave Glass yet, you don't know what you're missing" -
GREIGSY - Northsound One

"I got a New York Radio Festivals Award ‘cos of his stuff!.." MARTIN DAY - breakfast - Essex FM

"he’s always tickled my fancy.." BIG AL - Real Radio

" we love Dave’s stuff!"

plus RADIO TAY, CAPITAL GOLD, EAGLE, ACTIVE, STAR, MERCURY, SUNSHINE and lots of individuals and so on and so forth and blah blah blah....

Dave Glass Productions - serving the radio community for more than 25 years ma'am


All productions described on these pages are for DJ Promotional use only.
Unauthorised copying, public performance, broadcasting, hiring, rental or sale of any recordings is strictly prohibited.
Dave Glass Productions Ltd


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