"the sound bites you hear all over our productions"


1.      I haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about
2.      You stupid knucklehead
3.      Yeah that makes sense
4.      Why don't we just close our eyes to the facts and nobody will notice the difference now whadya say
5.      It's not a dream, it's a nightmare
6.      It's not a nightmare, it's a daymare
7.      Yeh, but theydidn't say nothing about going to Palm Springs
8.      Oh I guess its hard to keep a secret in a little town like this
9.      Alright alright shut up you
10.    Completely impossible
11.    It could happen to anyone
12.    Are you nuts or somethin'
13.    The answer is no
14.    Tighten your belt we're not gonna make it
15.    You just shut up
16.    I said shut up!
17.    It's a museum piece
18.    You make another crack like that and I might just get sick
19.    I wanna show you something
20.    You mean that that I that that...oh you wouldn't do that
21.    I'd rather be dead
22.    Just no doubt about it
23.    This sort of thing just isn't funny
24.    Ah ha ha ha, I see what you got in mind
25.    Hold on tight everything's gonna be alright
26.    Junk
27.    I'm through with the gags, the double takes, the bellylaughs
28.    I'll admit comedy's been good to me but I've had it
29.    Some might funny goings on going on around here
30.    Are you trying to tell me that this is your act?
31.    The characterisations are phony
32.    No please don't make me do that
33.    I wish I knew what they were talking about
34.    Oh, it's your ego thats suffering
35.    The plot is artificial
36.    Thank you for your enthusiasm and your help
37.    With the man down there tonight we're in trouble, how much?, we'll know in a few moments
38.    I don't see why any cop wouldn't do the same
39.    Amnesia, you're suffering from amnesia
40.    All you need is a decent pair of legs, a quick thumb and a whole lot of right answers
41.    I was hoping I could get my nails clipped and out of the way before you got here
42.    The scoring champion of the world
43.    Happy days are here again
44.    The doctor's treatment wasn't so hot
45.    But the nurses showed him a real good time   
46.    It's so ridiculous it's fantastic
47.    How could you do a thing like that, how could you stoop to it
48.    It's outa sight
49.    Whadya think I am, a light switch?
50.    Who's keeping score?
51.    I don't think thats very funny
52.    It's peculiar and different and I think I like it
53.    I just stand here wearing a tired smile and a tight sweater
54.    Now you never say anything to me anymore
55.    I'm only doing my job
56.    Garbage
57.    I've had enough of this rat race
58.    Now everybody's happy
59.    Could you introduce me to your friend?
60.    They've rushed him to the hospital
61.    It's a good idea to get someone else's opinion
62.    Now you're using your head man
63.    Half man half beast
64.    See the 24 hour lover
65.    The best right arm any outfit ever had
66.    All he wants is to get his girl and to get out
67.    He has turned water into wine, he has cured the sick, caused the blind to see and the deaf to hear
68.    All he wants is to get poke
69.    A real nut
70.    The cops can have him when we're done with him, if there's anything left
71.    I'm listening dear you can talk to me
72.    If she can't get you with her 38, she'll get you with her 36, 24, 36
73.    If you've ever wondered what kind of chicks do anything just to go along with the ride
74.    Well she's just no good that's all
75.    She's beautiful, she has a fine personality and I'm sure she'll make someone an excellent wife
76.    OK baby hop in
77.    She's a manic depressive with a pronounced homicidal drive
78.    Don't muck around with a green beret's mama, or you'll get your chopper rammed down your throat
79.    She's the bait in a trap
80.    One of the most glamorous and trecherous women the world has known
81.    She's killed a man, been shot at and made love twice this evening
82.    Rotten
83.    Please stop it
84.    Look at that
85.    Where a madman has unlocked a secret of nature and unleashes the terrors of hell
86.    This is your big $100,000 question and could we have just as quiet as possible cos this is very important
87.    It's happening, it's wild and it's now
88.    This picture is rated G for general audiences
89.    And the evening is still young
90.    God help the fuzz if they tangle with the dirt gang
91.    When a man is trained for violence, he doesn't give a damn if it's on the battlefield or the open road
92.    Our planet may be doomed, our earth devastated, the monsters are in revolt and civilisation is in chaos
93.    When they turn their choppers loose any fuzz who flashed a badge was liable to get a faceful of tread marks
94.    Doin' it together to do it to you
95.    Far away in an unknown place, where fear has lived unchallenged, until now
96.    Goodbye hanky
97.    Goodbye
98.    Goodbye darling                                                                            AND THEN THERE'S VOL.2
99.    Goodnight