"the sound bites you hear all over our productions"


1.      Alright, how long has it been going on?
2.      Alright men, you know what I expect from you
3.      Amazing
4.      Amen
5.      Could we have it just as quiet as possible cos this is very important
6.      And now ladies and gentlemen the moment we have all been waiting for
7.      Aye aye aye aye aye
8.      Big Ben won't strike midnight tonight
9.      But not when you're 3ft tall
10.    Come on, say it, let's get this thing out in the open, say it
11.    Do you think I can listen to this insane plan to destroy two lives and do nothing about it?
12.    Everything in town has changed and the people are talking about it
13.    Here are the studio calls flashing up on the indicator
14.    Hour after hour day after day
15.    I beg your pardon
16.    I haven't seen any frankness so far
17.    I just picked it up
18.    I'm gonna let you in on a little secret
19.    Is that all, is that all you gotta say?
20.    I think we'd better seperate them right away
21.    It'll be so gradual nobody will notice a thing
22.    It's getting a little dirty
23.    It's incredible
24.    It's On
25.    I want you around for a long time
26.    Let's keep sex out of this
27.    Let's look at the record
28.    Money
29.    Now if you must stay here stand still and be quiet please
30.    Now just act and talk naturally
31.    Oh the personal touch
32.    One of the mightiest spectacles in the world
33.    People always get what they deserve
34.    Shakespeare
35.    Sound the whistle
36.    That's a low thing to say
37.    That's good
38.    That's better
39.    That's not so good
40.    The biggest whopper of the year
41.    This may be the biggest thing that's ever happened
42.    True very true
43.    We shall begin by being absolutely frank with each other
44.    We won't just jump in over night, we'll ease in
45.    What would you like to do this afternoon

46.    Who said that
47.    You forgot to say please
48.    You gotta be kidding
49.    You gotta do it
50.    You're all wondering what it's all about and I can't tell you cos I don't know myself but I do know it's a big thing
51.    All good things must come to an end
52.    Would you like some coffee?
53.    Don't you know what's going to happen now?
54.    I don't understand it
55.    I gotta call the police
56.    Oh Stevie you're not gonna
57.    Take off your clothes
58.    That's funny
59.    The size
60.    What do you mean by that?
61.    What's the matter, scared?
62.    Where is everybody?
63.    Would you mind telling me what this is all about?
64.    I feel funny
65.    If you'd let me I'd like to be your dog
66.    Let's go swimming
67.    Oh now you're gonna get it
68.    Voices terrifying as any monster of fact or fiction
69.    Now a monster more terrifying in appearance, more diabolical in its deeds with two brains....
70.    Evil lurks in the head of man twisting tortured brains to satisfy fiendish desires
71.    An adventure in terror beyond your wildest nightmares
72.    This is what nightmares are made of
73.    This girl wasn't born she was assembled piece by piece from living human flesh
74.    More monster than man
75.    The terror they are hunting is something less than human
76.    But now investigation reveals much more
77.    Shocked into a frenzy by one hundred thousand volts of electricity
78.    Oozing out of the mire
79.    The ultimate horror
80.    And you realise there is nothing you can do but wait and squirm
81.    You swallow hard
82.    And your heart is beating so fast it feels like your eardrums are going to burst
83.    Terror grips every nerve in your body
84.    You want to scream but you can't
85.    You sweat but you don't dare move
86.    Complete satisfaction guaranteed
87.    Offering fantasy sensuality and adventure
88.    Where lost souls shriek in the night
89.    And now we come to the main bout of the afternoon
90.    Do you think dynamite would stop him
91.    Nice going Casanova
92.    Sold to that gentelman there
93.    Weight fifty two pounds, height thirty six and a half inches
94.    Say who's the filly, she looks like class
95.    Perhaps the greatest soprano since Nordica
96.    She seems to be a very unstable person
97.    Somebody do something about her hair
98.    You can't turn her down you know that
99.    You know you get prettier by the minute                                                AND DON'T FORGET VOL.1