Well here we are again with another enormous pile of poop... to make you "cock a hoop!".... hmmm, cock a hoop....now there's an expression you don't hear much anymore..... it could make a good title for something.... and you could also turn that subject into a phoner idea - 'expressions / sayings you don't tend to hear anymore'.... well, anyway, where were we? ... oh yes, welcome into our little pile of thought provokers and idea stimulators…… and with corporate takeovers looming on the horizon for many, is this the sound of another nail in the coffin for true "local" radio?.... many are saying "yes indeedy"..... there certainly seems to be a lack of localness about many a local station nowadays and that's where the key to a truly successful station lies... local stations will always have a tough job competing with the National Stations properly on a famous personality level.... BUT, as we all know, where local stations CAN score big is with their "localness" - their relevence to local society - their involvement in local events - even just referring to a local place name helps strengthen that presenter and station's worth in the mind of the listener... it's "their" station.... they feel a sense of pride and ownership in listening to you... which is why many people in the industry keep saying to me that they believe all these "cost cutting" exercises (syndicating evening programmes etc) will, in the end, be more harmful than helpful to a station's long term success..... they could have a point.... hey, big knobs!....keep it LOCAL... PLEASE!!!....

NOW THERE’S AN IDEA…. A bunch of phrases, namestitles for you to slowly mull over / brainstorm with colleagues and expand upon…….’Krapioke' - (an on-air singalong type comp?).... time for some 'Crotch Punching' - (highlight someone who needs slapping!)... or how about this idea, heard on an American station... 'Renew your Wedding Vows On-Air'... could send out the invites, have a "guest" list etc etc...if handled well it can make great radio!.... 


a topical bit of fun...



"If creativity is a field,

copyright is the fence"

John Oswald

AND FINALLY…… with Star Wars back in the forefront again... I was reminded about the station who ran a huge promotion to give away a brand new Toyota, and when the lucky lady winner came into the station to collect her prize, she was handed a little plastic toy Yoda....





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