...... it's not that long ago that radio stations were insisting their breakfast jocks should chat less and play more music..... well, the official word in nearly every group and individual station now is MORE CHAT! (And it's something we've been saying in this ‘ere column for years!!) Because it doesn't take much brain matter to realise that most people want to be entertained in the morning. They always have done, and they always will do. Mmm. So why have "the powers that be" in our jolly old UK industry, finally realised this is what they should be doing? Is it A) the consultants have changed their minds (or been fired at last?) B) Chris Evans has shown us the light? (difficult to admit to this one) or C) the UK has once again finally followed along behind the USA and grudgingly copied what they've been doing for years now... I'll let you make your own mind up. But you know, we've still got a long way to go. Next time you're on the internet, preferably mid-afternoon, listen in live to some of the top major market breakfast shows and study what they're doing. For example, if they're talking about a particular subject, or even using a character or playing a pre-recorded skit, time them! See how long the "bit" lasts. I bet it's nearly 2 minutes or longer. Y'see, over here in timid little old England, the programmers (and some jocks) seem to think that any "bit" they do mustn't last too long or the audience will switch off. It certainly musn't last more than about a minute!! BIG POMEGRANITES TO THAT ONE!!! As long as it works and it's entertaining then go and run with it. Alright, alright Mr Programme Director, I know that some jocks don't have the ‘self-editing ability' to know when to quit with an idea, but hey, these talents can be learnt and taught - and your breakfast jock should be experienced enough to know when to stop with an idea. They should be given the freedom to "control" the output of their show . After all, they want to maximise their audience as much as you do. So the bottom line should always be "DON'T CONSTRAIN...... ENTERTAIN!" Just remember, it's not how long it is, it's what you do with it that counts!







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